About Us

The ACDA Philosophy

ACDA provides quality, affordable dance instruction in a non-competitive, inclusive program. While dance increases fitness and coordination, the benefits dance instruction offers students extends well beyond the physical. The child who dances is involved in creating, imagining, sharing, expressing, and cooperating. The process of learning a dance involves counting, remembering, and visualizing. Performing for an audience develops individual discipline, poise and confidence, as well as the satisfaction of creation through commitment and collaboration with a group. The program is designed to allow for all levels of experience and ability, and to promote excellence, while accommodating anyone with a desire to dance.

Opportunities for all

Whether a student dreams of seriously pursuing a career in dance, or simply loves to dance and wants to take a class with friends for fun, ACDA has a wide range of choices in many disciplines and for every age group.

ACDA is committed to making dance available to everyone, there for with the help of the Canadian Tire Jumpstart program many children who whose families might not have the means to enroll them have received help to be part of the program.