“Love what you do.

Do everything you can.

Do your best every day.”

ACDA offers classes, which are non-competitive in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. Dance, however, is a demanding skill, which requires and helps to develop concentration, self-discipline and respect for others.

In order to get the full benefit from the short time spent in class each week, and create an environment in which everyone can enjoy learning, ACDA is asking all students to read the following list of rules and agree to follow them by signing below.

  1. I will arrive 10 minutes before class and be ready to begin on time.
  2. I will follow the dress code for my class.
  3. I will not chew gum or eat during class.
  4. I will treat my teacher and fellow students with respect and consideration.
  5. I will focus on dance, and I understand that socializing and horseplay in class will prevent everyone from learning.

I understand that if I break these rules I will be reprimanded. This can include a verbal warning, followed by possible dismissal from class.